Sunday, February 26, 2006

Towards a Renaissance of Citizens' Balls

David Rees: Get Your War On, January 9 2006 (click on comic to view)

Paul Donovan in The Observer, October 5 2003:

"The willingness of journalists to accept the establishment's view of the events of, and after, 9/11 is truly staggering."

Newsweek wonders what would happen if the public ever found out. Well, maybe they should try actually helping the public to find out, instead of burying their revelations on the sixth page of a six-page article. Maybe they should send a few of their own reporters to Florida, for instance, where Mohammed Atta's ex-girlfriend has much to tell us about his hard-partying lifestyle and his German and Austrian friends. Maybe they should ask themselves, and us, a few simple questions about Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and his bizarre conduct on The Day That Changed Everything. Maybe they should tell us about the long-planned hijack wargames on September 11, carried out under the command of Richard Cheney and/or General Ralph Eberhart. All of this information is available in the public domain, and has been for some time; so maybe Newsweek - and CNN and the Observer and the BBC and the NYT - should think about actually reporting it, instead of continuing to hide it.

MASCAL Contingency Planning Exercise, November 3, 2000

Then it wouldn't be quite so easy for quite so many people to continue pretending they hadn't found out anything at all. And if we all stopped ignoring the obvious so assiduously, then the War on Terror wouldn't have a leg to stand on. In truth, it never has had.

Do we have to be as old as Howard Zinn or as wealthy as Gore Vidal before we can bring ourselves to speak out about this in public? No. The Bush Gang's complicity in the crimes of 9/11 is by now an open secret. It is the one issue that clearly frightens them, and not for no reason. And if there is a faster way to stop the ongoing and worsening War on Terror than to demand a full, open and independent investigation of the 9/11 crimes, I've yet to hear it.

It was, very obviously, an inside job, and they are still exploiting it mercilessly as a casus belli for Endless War. Therefore: Towards a mass campaign. Towards the impeachment of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and at least a dozen others. Towards a Renaissance of Citizens' Balls.

Nothing else will work.

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