Monday, February 20, 2006

NEWSWEEK: CHENEY LIED AND THE 9/11 COMMISSION COVERED FOR HIM ("If the public ever found out...")

None of the 9/11 Commission staffers "believed Cheney's version of events"

... Around 9:35 on the morning of 9/11, Cheney was lifted off his feet by the Secret Service and hustled into the White House bunker. Cheney testified to the 9/11 Commission that he spoke with President Bush before giving an order to shoot down a hijacked civilian airliner that appeared headed toward Washington. (The plane was United Flight 93, which crashed in a Pennsylvania field after a brave revolt by the passengers.) But a source close to the commission, who declined to be identified revealing sensitive information, says that none of the staffers who worked on this aspect of the investigation believed Cheney's version of events.

A draft of the report conveyed their skepticism. But when top White House officials, including chief of staff Andy Card and the then White House counsel Alberto Gonzales, reviewed the draft, they became extremely agitated. After a prolonged battle, the report was toned down. The factual narrative, closely read, offers no evidence that Cheney sought initial authorization from the president. The point is not a small one. Legally, Cheney was required to get permission from his commander in chief, who was traveling (but reachable) at the time. If the public ever found out that Cheney gave the order on his own, it would have strongly fed the view that he was the real power behind the throne.

- via Rose Siding at DU (discussed here)

Reminder: Cheney and Bush had refused to testify to the 9/11 Commission until they were permitted to do so

- together
- in closed session
- without taking oath.

And Philip Zelikow, the man who headed that Commission, was a long-term collaborator with the Bush Gang, and had co-authored a book with one of the star witnesses, National Security Advisor "Condi" Rice. Not only that: Zelikow was himself a star witness at the "investigation" he headed. It is no wonder that four World Trade Center widows argued passionately - and in vain - that he was unfit to head the Commission.

Yet again: Nothing to see here. Move on.

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