Thursday, February 09, 2006


by Le Colonel Chabert

Four Jobs I've Had in My Life:

1. Lumberjack
2. Cocktail Barkeeper
3. Plongeur (I love that word.)
4. Professional Show-Off

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over, and Have

1. Anything by Mike Leigh, especially High Hopes, Nuts in May and Naked.
2. Night of the Hunter
3. Das singende, klingende Bäumchen
4. The Ruling Class

Four places I've lived

1. Priesthill
2. Peckham
3. Pyongyang*
4. Prenzlauer Berg

[*this is a lie]

Four TV Shows I Love To Watch (Four TV shows I can bear to watch)

1. The News/Teletubbies
2. The Weather*
3. Space Night, mit Doktor Harald Leschner ("Was ist ein Quantum?")
4. Mythbusters

[*with Jenny "Hips" Harrison]

Four Places I Have Never Been But Want To Go

1. California*
2. Alabama**
3. Hyrynsalmi
4. Peru

[*with flowers in my hair]
[**with a banjo on my knee]

Four Guilty Pleasure Websites:

1. Bogol
2. Emerald Bile
3. Twenty Major
4. BBC

Four Foods I can't stand and why

1. Er...
2. Hm...
3. Wait a minute...
4. Er...


  1. But -have you ever HAD Andouillette?

  2. warszawa7:23 PM

    No! I had to google it. And I found a website with a photo of a man who had just eaten it:

    This, along with your friend Tanja's comments, already tells me everything I need to know about andouilette. But the photographee writes:

    "This sausage (which I gladly shared with our friend...) had large, unidentifiable chunks of… what must have been… I don’t know… I saw something that looked like what I think stomach looks like… anyway…"

    But then, I'm one of those people who likes haggis.

  3. w! You run this blog! How *dare* you not inform me!

  4. warszawa7:05 PM

    Ah now, lenin, you presume too much. Qlipoth is large, it contains multitudes. Well, it contains several. Two or three at least. And I didn't start it.

    Accompany me to the bar, dear boy, and I shall explain all....

  5. Alright, then... good to see you're blogging though.

    Make mine a Prinz, please.

  6. hollowentry5:49 PM

    Night of the hunter. Cr-eeepy.

    But I like it. Speaking of kinda-sorta expressionist films, have you ever seen the Last Testament of Dr. Mabuse? Another film about crime and fanaticism that can be read a bunch of ways (depending too on its edition).