Friday, February 03, 2006

Dec 5, 1918

GENERAL MACDONOGH: I think the thing that is most important to take into account in Palestine isn't its topographical relations to Syria or elsewhere, but its future, as Mr. Balfour has said, as a homeland for the Jewish people, in which all the Jewish people of the world take an interest. I see a great number of Zionists. One of them the day before yesterday led me to understand that if the Jewish people don't get what they ask in Palestine, we will see all Judaism go over to the Bolsheviks and supporting Bolshevism in every other country as they have done in Russia.

LORD ROBERT CECIL: Yes. I can imagine the Rothschilds leading a Bolshevik populace.*

-Eastern Committee Meeting, 5 December 1918

*My copy here is a translation of the original English into French, and I have translated it back, so the quotes are not verbatim. -Qlipoth

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