Friday, February 24, 2006

This Charming Man is a Potential Terrorist Sympathiser

The flower-brandishing "melancholic warbler" was questioned by FBI and Special Branch. Now why would they do that, if not to scare everyone shitless? In the farcically unlikely event that they did worry about him being a BinLadenite, they could have found out very easily by tailing him or by tapping his phone. So why this high-profile questioning of a high-profile English dandy? They must have known he was bound to talk about it; he didn't call himself Big Mouth for nothing.

And why did they bother to bully a low-profile English actor, who had had the temerity to play an exonerated terrorist suspect in a film? Why the Big Fist? Why the free publicity?

The message - through them, to us - is surely clear: Be afraid. Be very afraid. And don't get ideas above your station.

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  1. It's because they are the enemy of beauty. Especially of the kind that makes one think about how much all the ugliness keeps us away from actually existing beauty - like how the ugliness of work keeping us from the beauty of lounging around happy in the haze of a drunken hour all day.