Thursday, February 02, 2006

Photo-ops in Hebron and Amona

January 29:
Obtaining a green light from the High Court of Justice, the IDF and Israel Police on Sunday began training and gearing up for violent confrontations expected later this week during the evacuations of the illegal outpost of Amona and the Hebron marketplace. (...) Security officials said they did not believe the talks would bear fruit and predicted settlers would violently resist the evacuation and might even open fire on evacuating forces. Channel 10 reported Sunday night that the settlers had reached an agreement with the army and that on Monday they planned to leave their homes willingly but Hebron spokesman David Wilder rejected the report.

February, 1:
Settlers who illegally commandeered Palestinian shops in Hebron's wholesale market completed their evacuation of the site on overnight Monday in accordance with a deal made with the state under which they would voluntarily leave their homes and be permitted to return legally later on. (via Ran HaCohen)

February 2:
AMONA, WEST BANK - Israeli police on horseback charged the lines, swinging clubs. Rioters hit back with a volley of rocks. One young man whacked a horse's flank with a two-by-four. The fierce battle between security forces and protesters at this illegal Jewish settlement outpost in the heart of the West Bank was reminiscent of Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip last summer.

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