Friday, February 17, 2006

Bush's 9/11 telephone logs don't exist

Just one of the many astonishing details dug up and preserved by the heroic Paul Thompson at the Center for Cooperative Research:

This is from the 9/11 press conference on 6/17/04. As they used to say on Saturday Night Live, "How conveeeeenient":

Q. Is it possible that Vice President Cheney issued the shoot down order prior to conferring with President Bush?

MR. KEAN: Well, the testimony we have is from the president and from the vice president and from Condi [sic] Rice, who says she overheard part of that phone call. The phone logs don't exist, because they evidently got so fouled up in communications that the phone logs have nothing. [sic] So that's the evidence we have.

MR. HAMILTON: There's no documentary evidence here. And the only evidence you have is the statement of the president and the vice president, which was that the president gave the order to shoot down.

Sounds to me like Rice, Cheney, and Bush are covering each other's asses by lying and withholding evidence. Even though it was said at a press conference, the only newspaper deeming it worth reporting was the New York Daily News, giving it a brief mention:

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