Sunday, August 27, 2006

Parenti Part 6

Parenti; do you have a conspiracy theory? Do you think these leaders are just trying to manipulate the whole world to suit themselves? What do you say?

Audience: yeah

Parenti: conspiracy theorists, how do you like that. I mean do you think there's actually, do you think there's actually a group of men sitting in a roooooom? who sit there and are plotting these things, for some reason - do you hear that? you have that up here? [British Columbia] do you think there's a group of people sitting around in a room? Because somehow that image is supposed to be - very compelling, you know, it's so improbable, and I always say oh no no they don't sit around in a rooooom! They uhm they meet on carousels and they talk to eachother that way. Or they do, what do they call that, free falling, with the parachute guy, they all lock arms, you see those parachute what -

Audience: skydiving!

Parent: skydiving! they're all skydiving, they all lock arms, what do you think they are talking about when they lock arms like that? That's where they meet. OF COURSE THEY MEET IN ROOMS! Where the hell else you think they're gonna meet?

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  1. peter blapps4:11 AM

    Really enjoyed these. Cheers.