Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bush Knew ("for days")

ABC, Thursday, August 10, 2006:

U.S. Aware Of Plot For Days

"Jim Axelrod spoke with Press Secretary Tony Snow about the U.S.'s involvement in the British investigation of the alleged terrorist plot. Snow says President Bush has been aware of the plot for days."
For days? So why is airport security only being tightened (dramatically) today?

Did Bush not give a damn that air-travellers have allegedly been in terrible danger "for days"?

Yesterday, British Home Secretary John Reid gave a preposterous anti-Terror speech; why did he not even mention what had been known "for days" ?
Why were the threat levels only raised today?
Indeed, why were the threat levels raised at all today, when the alleged conspirators had already been caught? Didn't their arrest make us safer? Why were British and American threat levels not red-hot days or weeks ago instead, while the alleged conspirators were still free men?

Could all this possibly have anything to do with the fact that Liebermann was displaced by an "anti-war" candidate yesterday, thus enabling the Bush Gang to portray the Democraps as even more egregiously "soft on Terror" than they were before? Could it possibly have anything to do with distracting the public from the ongoing mass murder in Lebanon and Iraq?

Really, how much longer are we going to swallow this shit?

UPDATE: In a surprising new development, President Bush has called the TERRIFYING-but-not-urgent (and entirely untheoretical) terror conspiracy "a stark reminder" of The Day That Changed Everything.

UPDATE 2: "Weeks before September 11th, this is going to play big," said another White House official, who also spoke on condition of not being named, adding that some Democratic candidates won't "look as appealing" under the circumstances.


  1. of course bush knew...

    jeez...the man is a war criminal...


  2. Not to mention Blair. It's really beyond a joke now. Immediately, Bush takes the opportunity to remind us of The Day That Changed Everything:

    BBC: "Bush says plot a 'stark reminder'"

  3. Yep, 9/11 never happened and it didn't mean anything.

    this post is another stark demonstration of your stupidity and inability to think in any dimension other than that prescrbed by Gnome Cuntsky, lenin etc

    There was no drastic tightening FOR DAYS (scary thick empasis original) because if you are trying to catch a bunch of Muslim islamofacists, or bank robbers, or shoplifters, you try not to tip them off in advance, dickhead. Sorry if that doesn't suit the openly pro terrorist fucksticks like you, but that's the answer.

  4. "Yep, 9/11 never happened and it didn't mean anything."

    That's an original point of view, noderubber. Have you seen a doctor about it?


    What a guy you are. You must really love your Mum.

    "you try not to tip them off in advance"

    Aha. So you're suggesting that the police and our Leaders know all about these things - always - before they even happen?
    That's interesting, and it raises several possibilities. But if that's the case, then they also know that there's no serious threat to air passengers at all as of today. (For have they not just arrested the evil Conspirators?)

    So why have they also just raised the threat level to Code Red?

    P.S. I do hope you're posting from an airport departure lounge. Try some yoga to relieve the tension.

  5. Anonymous3:11 PM

    So let me get this straight -- is it that the terror threat is imaginary, ergo the vast majority of Muslims are not pissed off about the war in Iraq, etc. Or is it that they are pissed off about Iraq etc, and therefore the threat of terrorist retaliation is real?

    Seems to me that the anti-war left are trying to have their cake and eat it too. In politics this is called "grotesque opportunism".

    By the way, it was explained some time ago that the reason the alerts were issued today is that the intelligence services lost track of a couple of suspects. Pretty basic scenario to understand if you aren't a dickhead, you would think.

  6. "Aha. So you're suggesting that the police and our Leaders know all about these things - always - before they even happen?"

    Screaming jesus you are dim.

    No, the authorities didn't know about this - they just randomly arrested 20+ people and they all just happened to be plotting the same massacre. WEIRD!!!! ROVE KNEW!!!!

  7. O brave and noble Anonymous: if you weren't such a knee-jerk power-worshipper, you would realise that the "either-or" you so smugly present is not an either-or at all. Work it out for yourself.

    "By the way, it was explained some time ago that the reason the alerts were issued today is that the intelligence services lost track of a couple of suspects. Pretty basic scenario to understand if you aren't a dickhead, you would think."

    Well, it wouldn't surprise me if not being a glans penis were your proudest achievement to date. Keep up the good work. But if the police and intelligence agencies had really "lost track of a couple of suspects", then why the hell did they NOT put the airports on Code Red earlier? Presumably because they knew that the airports were in no danger at all from those wily abscondees. But in that case, why did they have to be arrested in the first place?

  8. Defenders of the Chimp and his Poodle are looking increasingly shrill and desperate these days.

    noserubber, try a scented bath, a Valium, and an early night with a hot-water bottle.

    Oh, I forgot; you're still in the departure lounge at Stanstead.

  9. shrill and desperate? totally vindicated, rather, particularly by your idiotic responses, cuntscum

  10. Cuntsore? Cuntscum?

    You'll have to excuse Noserubber. One-handed surfing is hard work. Especially when you're tabbing back and forth between Little Green Footballs and

    He should be commended for his work, however. Him and all those other unsung heroes who stand in defense of Western Civilization against Moooslim barbarism.

  11. noserubber embodies the values for which we fight.

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