Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Noam Chomsky Meets with Hizbullah Leaders in Lebanon


  1. warszawa4:51 PM

    Ah, he's bloody great.

  2. bat says the israeli's destroyed the khiam prison museum completely.

  3. He's a total cunt, like you.

    Funny how MEMRI gets excoriated by the Trots until one of their own teerorist loving, embracing, cosksucking scumbags appears on it.


  4. warszawa6:46 AM

    "teerorist"? "cosk"? That's easy for you to say.

    Anyway: thank you, noderubber. Whenever you disapprove of anything I say, it's a sure sign that I'm not wrong.

  5. In your dreams, you nasty terrorist loving trot cuntsore - you are wrong on all of it - Hezbollah "not targeting civilins", through all the faked photos, right to the "non existant" threat, via the murderous failed philosophy you so ardently support. If wrong means anything, it's surely the inability to get a socialist state up and running so far.

    Anyway - when is the revolution, you dumb cunt??


    here's the best reason to bomb ambulances - happy shooting, dickheads!!

  7. warszawa8:19 AM

    "If wrong means anything, it's surely the inability to get a socialist state up and running so far."

    Cuba's doing remarkably well considering.

    "total cunt...cuntsore...dumb cunt..."

    Mr. Armchair Ambulance-Bomber, I can tell you're a real favourite wih the ladies. But if wrong means anything, it's surely your inability to get anything up and running, least of all an argument.

    But carry on rubbing, by all means.

  8. Cuba!!!!!!

    Perfect. Thanks.

    Please tell me why Cuba is a socialist state, as opposed to a dictatorhip. Go on, Mr. "arguement" and "debate"
    Points about equality of persectution don't count.

    jesus Christ, you really are that stupid. Wow.
    You fucking irresponsible twat

  9. warszawa8:47 AM


    What a guy.

    "arguement"... persectution"

    That's easy for you to say, but clearly not easy for you to write.

    Cuba is not perfect (as one says about the USA), but I do admire that country's sterling resistance to Kennedy, Reagan and Bush and its ability to survive self-sufficiently despite decades of murderous embargos (not to mention the failed invasions and the failed murder-attempts). Low child-mortality and universal free healthcare are also pretty admirable. But I don't expect a noderubbing defender of ambulance-bombers to agree with me. I expect him, instead, to call me a cnut or a tawt.

  10. yet again it's typos that you focus on - who cares about the real point? Low mortality? hahahaha
    Free health care? hahahaha
    self sufficient?? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha - laughing all the way to then kremlin / chavez's bank

    jesus wept, you are exceeding even your own miserable record, cuntscum