Monday, August 14, 2006

Blogging as co-opted expression

AD HOMINEM AESTHETICS is quite like an Internet blog in that we are updating and expressing the narratives of our lives through its medium. There is a crucial difference though, in what the representation of this website manages to deliver when juxtaposing that representation with that projection of your otherwise typically neutralized and ideologically tainted blog.

The "blogger" will attempt to have his "self" speak for the(ir) narrative, through their tools (the for-profit and proprietary blog brand he has chosen for whatever hip reason -- MySpace, LiveJournal, etc. -- and its spectacular ideology), with their reifications (his blog's tired formalisms and shared or similar posting methods, automated user interfaces, and graphical displays which the "original" users merely superficially modify with templates while the algorithms below the surface remain dull and repetitive) and of their media (his blogs advertising, benefactors and demographic information gathering systems), ending up unavoidably permeating his publications to the point of representing an ultimately linked expression to the aforementioned items. Symbiotically -- "A close, prolonged association between two or more different organisms of different species that may, but does not necessarily, benefit each member." -- linked to a gross extent of passive stupidity.

Why donate not only expression, but your presence itself as a controlled object existing under the affluent conditions of these scumbags? All things considered, do you, as an insignificant individual support their affluent ideology in any way? I know a lot of you don't, in contemplation at least, but praxis is quite easily lost and forgotten within their pseudo-amnesty, isn't it (you dupe).

On the other hand, AD HOMINEM AESTHETICS, through its explicit attempt to display our personal impressions (making it so that the notion of categorical formalisms are not necessarily as important as the spontaneous reasons for and behind the impressions themselves as can be seen in our posting style where differing types of media do not attempt to describe themselves -- in terms of which media type they might be that is -- but merely share mysterious descriptive hyperlinks, with none really vying for superiority or precedence) seems to achieve an effect, which at the very least, is leaning far more towards a notion of the narrative speaking for ourselves. This is completely different from the blog in the sense that now "we" are speaking for "ourselves" as opposed to an instance of "ourselves" speaking for the ideologized "we." Fuck your ads, fuck your subsidy, fuck your ideology and fuck your utter inability to even consider doing anything about it within an attempted medium as constructed outside of what they hand you (buffoons, your mass produced leftist complaints and mass produced poetry is instantly neutralized when existing as an expression within their walls, why can't you see this). I'm not going to play make believe while they pretend to know us through another demographics campaign as propagated in the name of the further co-option and neutralization of "your" expression.


  1. Anonymous9:07 AM


    You're clearly annoyed about something but I haven't a clue what any of that meant.

  2. qlipoth9:28 AM

    I don't get it either. It's a Furious Manifesto, but for what exactly? For No Photos, for No Fancy (or unfancy) Formatting and for No Blogger Accounts, apparently. And for No Ads (there are no ads here anyway).

    "(buffoons, your mass produced leftist complaints and mass produced poetry is instantly neutralized when existing as an expression within their walls, why can't you see this)."

    And matt's isn't? Maybe he can tell us in precisely which sense AD HOMINEM AESTHETICS manages not to be "inside their walls". That would be a start.

    - w.

  3. qlipoth9:54 AM

    me neither.


  4. me, i liked the angry manifesto, and kinda get it; anyway found that excellent deleuze there on the AHA(!?) site.

  5. But I aspire to be a buffoon, being very fond of opera buffa.

    look at this buffoon:

    he's adoreable no?

  6. warszawa10:59 AM

    "inside their walls"

    I fear that's a jailbird calling an old lag nicked.

    Here's another buffoon:

  7. warszawa11:22 AM

    And the great Phil Kay, a danger to himself and others:

    Phil Kay: "I will now improvise on any theme you care to suggest."

    Audience member: "Swiss Army Knife."

    Phil Kay: "Aw, get tae fuck!"

    But he did.

  8. now that's a good buffoon.

    I will just say....

    riiiiiidiiiii pagliaaaaaaaacciaaaa

    there must be one on youtube

    i go look