Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Holy Jehad Brigades

There has been some discussion regarding the recent kidnapping of two Fox journalists in Gaza. Regarding Holy Jehad Brigades, their name is not new to Palestine. From the website 'Muslim Palestine' (2004 synopsis appears end of page):

The Holy Jehad Brigades:

The Higher Arab Authority (HAA) formed the Holy Jehad forces on December 25th, 1947, under the leadership of the mojahed Abdulqader al Hosseini, who enjoyed wider popularity among his comrades, not by virtue of being the scion of a distinguished family, but because the important matter of the Palestinian struggle consumed him.

The Holy Jehad Brigades (HJB) in the beginning were only a team of no more than 25 enthusiastic and young volunteer fighters who used the Hebron area as their base. Other teams subsequently formed in many other towns and villages.

The HAA had decided to take care of most of the Holy Jehad's expenses, and the HJB carried out several successful operations, especially in the city of Jerusalem, even with a severe shortage of weaponry and ammunition.

The HJB members fought in every town and village, and many fell martyred, and at their vanguard was the mojahed leader Abdulqader al Hosseini, who died a martyr at the Battle of al Qostoll.

Leaders of the HJB include: Khaled Sherif al Hosseini, who took over command after the leader Abdulqader's martyrdom; Kamel Orayqaat, Deputy Head; Qassem al Rimawi, Chairman; Munir Abu Fadhel; and Dr. Dawood al Hosseini.

And the sacrifice continues on the sacred land of Palestine, as the flag is handed down generation to generation until the Land is free of the criminal persecutors.

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