Friday, December 29, 2006


TV plans tasteful coverage of Saddam execution


  1. In other words they are hinting that it will be available and you should look at the internet if you want to see the video. They will all rush to write the celebratory columns gushing at the death of an ex-dictator, whilst the carnage in Iraq continues almost unnoticed. Months down the line they will have to find something else to distract us with - probably the killing of one of Saddam's co-prisoners.

  2. abbass5:15 AM

    really Iraqis are dreaming of the days of pre-2003 Iraq. And that is the truth..

  3. BBC: "Many Arab governments and people saw the legal process as instigated and controlled by Washington.

    Despite the insistence that the trial, verdict and now execution was a purely Iraqi affair, few in the Middle East will believe that."

    the insistence? the disembodied insistence?

  4. abbass12:54 PM

    I know, chabert, what on Earth does that insistence mean ??

    Well people in the Middle East discerned a definite kangaroo court, farcical legal proceedings, a pure joke that only perpetuates the idea that Middle Eastern countries are incapable of proper justice..

    The Americans and their puppets in Iraq barely hid their contempt of just or even respectable proceedings. At least Milosevic was tried in a court that had the air of respectfulness..

    And what galls everyone is the timing. Him being served up on the morning of Eid Al Adha, symbolically almost as the traditionally sacrificed animal, as if it's Uncle Sam saying there's another Arab leader we've humiliated for you because he refused to cooperate..

    Arab Islamic pride has definitely hit rock-bottom. That's 'the word from the street'.. Whether he deserved the death penalty is beside the point here.