Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Must Not See Teevee

TerrorVision News:

Two men have been charged with terrorist offences in New York for allegedly providing access to a television station banned in the United States and linked to the Shiite militia group Hezbollah, prosecutors said.

Pakistani-born Javed Iqbal, 42, and US citizen Saleh Elahwal, 53, are accused of conspiring to provide viewers with satellite broadcasts by Al-Manar, an Arabic-language station seen as a mouthpiece for the Lebanese group.

They face a sentence of up to 110 years in jail if convicted on the charges of providing material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organisation.

According to prosecutors, Iqbal and Elahwal ran a satellite television business and allegedly offered to provide Al-Manar to an undercover agent from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The station, which was listed as a terrorist entity by US authorities in March, allegedly paid thousands of dollars to Iqbal's firm in return.

Iqbal was arrested on related charges in August.

Court documents released at the time said that Iqbal was interviewed at New York's Kennedy airport in May on returning from a trip to Lebanon.

An FBI agent entered his satellite television store some two weeks later, when Iqbal was alleged to have offered broadcasts of the banned channel.

The indictment further alleges that the two shipped satellite receivers to Al-Manar.

"Javed Iqbal and Saleh Elahwal engaged in transactions that support the terrorist organisations Hezbollah and Al-Manar, and did so for financial profit," US attorney Michael Garcia said in a statement.

"As terrorist organisations become more sophisticated, it is critical that we respond using all the enforcement tools the law provides."



  1. i on the ball patriot6:40 PM

    This is from the Terrorism Exclusion list (below). From the designation criteria you could easily ban FOX news but that won't happen because this is like all US 'rule of law', it is vaguely written on purpose so as to be selectively enforced;

    "Section 411 of the USA PATRIOT ACT of 2001 (8 U.S.C. § 1182) authorized the Secretary of State, in consultation with or upon the request of the Attorney General, to designate terrorist organizations for immigration purposes. This authority is known as the “Terrorist Exclusion List (TEL)” authority. A TEL designation bolsters homeland security efforts by facilitating the USG’s ability to exclude aliens associated with entities on the TEL from entering the United States.

    Designation Criteria

    An organization can be placed on the TEL if the Secretary of State finds that the organization:

    • commits or incites to commit, under circumstances indicating an intention to cause death or serious bodily injury, a terrorist activity;
    • prepares or plans a terrorist activity;
    • gathers information on potential targets for terrorist activity; or
    • provides material support to further terrorist activity.
    Under the statute, “terrorist activity” means any activity that is unlawful under U.S. law or the laws of the place where it was committed and involves: hijacking or sabotage of an aircraft, vessel, vehicle or other conveyance; hostage taking; a violent attack on an internationally protected person; assassination; or the use of any biological agent, chemical agent, nuclear weapon or device, or explosive, firearm, or other weapon or dangerous device (other than for mere personal monetary gain), with intent to endanger, directly or indirectly, the safety of one or more individuals or to cause substantial damage to property. The definition also captures any threat, attempt, or conspiracy to do any of these activities."


  2. abbass3:02 AM

    up to 110 years in prison? WTF..

  3. Add in the Animal Enterprise Act as a prelude to the complete criminalisation of any dissent.

  4. first of all, the guys were entrapped - an FBI agent went into a satellite dealer and said can I get al manar? Wanna bet they didn't even know that al manar is Hezbollah's station and on this turrist list? It's a lebanese, arabic language television channel. it looks like any other channel in its cost range. these guys are in the satellite tv business: someone comes in and says "can I get - ?" and they say "yes of course! everything!"

    and now, since the prosecutions of rahman's defence team, people can't even get a real lawyer who'll do a vigorous defence. it's obscene.

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