Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Phonecall

Can you imagine that late night phonecall to Saudi King Abdullah?

"Hello, oh Guardian of the two holy Sites, peace be upon you. I'm sorry to bother you at this hour. I know how very busy you are hunting near-extinct animals, snorting cocaine and threatening to break off diplomatic relations with the UK. But these little Shia buggers are shining bright lights in through my window. It's starting to give me a headache. Your intervention is required. Might you please call Speaker Berri and insist that he put an end to this? Perhaps they could also just lower the voltage of the lights, or go with a warmer hue of lighting. Yes precisely, they're using that unflattering white light. Thanks so much, oh Abdullah."
- Anecdotes From A Banana Republic

1 comment:

  1. abbass12:24 PM

    near-extinct animal hunting, breaking relations with the UK, ripping off the Saudis, yes.. but snorting cocaine??

    come on..

    he looks good for his age (for an arab head of state, he's very functional at 70 years or something, like mubarak of egypt).