Thursday, October 07, 2010

Shorter Critiques of Feminism

Where have all the fascinating women gone?


Apparent abdication of any systematic political thought.


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  4. that generic is really key

    two celebrities, then anon, who is however the most "imaged"

    also there is the rousseauvian story here,

    kahlo, "before" Greer, and primitive, famous artist, this is her work, the sublimation of a "natural" creativity destroyed in a tragedy beyond her control - famous artist with famously ruined uterus. in "nature", the highest fauna, but already transgressing (by accident). the painting is very valuable now, but the reproduction is cheap.

    then monstrous Individual ensues; creates nothing but her own non-motherhood, her denaturing. Obliterated context by the bloating of her Individuality. Shown and silenced simultaneously. No image of importance here - no image product other than her actual captured face, her identity/celebrity as image - no form just a transparent frame she clogs with her persona/personhood.

    then a lot of semen going to waste. an image of declining value and difficult to protect property in.

    rousseau, nietzsche, heidegger, hitler.

    importantly, the "hitler" really arrives with the apologetic readings, the whipping out of the standard adman's prefab "like" and "fan" "reading" - every image comments ironically on itself. The artist is the omnipotent white male proprietor individual for whom the whole worlkd and everything in it including "the female species" is a tool for his uniquely creative mind and idiolect, everything becomes an extension of himself as he touches it, everything is expressing his thought as he ordains.

  5. wow, let the good commentimes (sc)roll!!!

    found some Dick and Dogs by Rickels .. again. it will grow on me a while yet ..but the 600 pics in a 'we love orchards' flickr group will have to be cued to run along so i won't let the over intelliknowis get to me too much .. a so very veiled and obscured holiness at work there protection can be left to the right light.