Sunday, October 03, 2010

Conspiracy Praxis: Guatemala, shortly after the Third Reich

BenSix writes:

“This won’t help a bit…”

The U.S. has “oh, gee, sorry!“-d for its 1940s program of infecting Guatamalans with syphilis and gonorrhea. The poor folks were tainted without their consent or even knowledge and, its claimed, were goaded into passing the diseases on. In a truly damning paper(pdf) Susan Reverby exposes the American physician’s gruesome practices…

On the women inmates…the inoculum was inserted after needles were used to abrade the women’s forearms, face or mouth. With the men, the inoculation was often much more direct…A doctor held the subject’s penis, pulled back the foreskin, abraded the penis slightly just short of drawing blood by scraping the skin with a hypodermic needle, introduced a cotton pledget (or small dressing) and dripped drops of the syphilitic emulsion onto the pad and through it to the roughed skin on the man’s penis for at least an hour, sometimes two.

In other studies of prophylaxis at an army barracks, the men were allowed to have sex with uninfected prostitutes, then had the syphilitic inoculum put into the meatus of their penis, told to urinate an hour later and apply differing kinds of chemical prophylaxis.42 In still other studies, the inoculum was placed on the cervix of prostitutes before they were allowed to have sex with the prisoners.

Without the vaguest desire to seem monomaniacal this affirms one o’ this weblog’s themes: the truth of conspiracies. [...]

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  1. This happened in the U.S., too- see the Tuskegee debacle. Southern syphilitic blacks were told they were getting free "medicine" for their illness (most of them were illiterate and couldn't read the contracts they were signing, anyway) when in fact they were being experimented on with a treatment that ended up killing many of them. Really gruesome stuff...

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  5. anodynelite wrote:

    "This happened in the U.S., too - see the Tuskegee debacle."

    It was only a debacle if you presume the conspirators had honorable intentions. And only a Conspiracy Theorist, or CNN, would note the following fact:

    "It turns out that a physician at the Public Health Service, Dr. John C. Cutler, participated in both the Guatemala and the Tuskegee experiments. Cutler came to the Tuskegee project in the 1960s, according to Reverby, and continued to defend it even in the 1990s, long after it ended. Cutler died in 2003 at age 87."

    Note that Hillary's deeply-felt "apology" came only after Susan Reverby had made the case unignorable. When can we expect Hillary or Obama to apologise for the murder of tens of thousands of other Latin Americans by other, less time-consuming, methods?

  6. Yeah, maybe massacre would've been a better word there?

  7. Oliver Wendell Holmes, re: people with developmental disabilities and the involuntary sterilization of the same:

    "Three generations of idiots is enough."

    We can't forget that all of this was not only normative, but encouraged.

  8. "When can we expect Hillary or Obama to apologise for the murder of tens of thousands of other Latin Americans by other, less time-consuming, methods?"

    When the proverbial cows come back to their proverbial homes, that's when.