Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The World Bank in Washington says 33 nations from Mexico to Yemen may face "social unrest" after food and energy costs increased for six consecutive years.


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  2. But don't you see, we must make these sacrifices now before the impending peak oil/ global warming/ overpopulation disaster that faces us all. OK, so the Russians seem to be finding new reserves every day, and global temperatures haven't increased in ten years, but that energy catastrophe is surely imminent. That's the only logical explanation for high oil prices and the turn to biofuels. Any other explanation is just conspiracy theory. And if we - or rather Egyptians, Haitians etc. - don't make the necessary sacrifices now, we face an unimaginable future of famine, war and global feudalism. Nobody wants that.

    So don't call it genocide: think of it as 'carbon offsetting'. Mother Earth will thank us for it.

  3. even some kind of active bougie liberal greens have begun to talk about the planet as a kind of sick old woman trying to rid herself of parasites. Of course even when they say "we" are the parasites, the conversation always goes in such a way as to make it clear who really will have to go...I saw some documentary recently with all these good experts discussing the climate catastrophe and every time there was a mention of how we are draining mommy earth's bounty, the remark was voiced over onto footage of crowded streets of marketplaces in the South somewhere, africa, asia, south america. These are always the images of the teeming excess parasite humanity; then when there is a remark about our selfish egoistic consumer lifestyles, our comforts which are threatened, you see Manhattan streets at lunchtime. The insinuation is always the same - those excess people in the bazaar in the south are threatening the lifestyles of those people in NY; those people in the south aspiring to the comforts we enjoy are threatening the sustainability of sivileyezation itseff.

  4. Anonymous11:12 AM

    One of the worst manifestations of this genocide-with-a-greener-face is the biofuels scam. We now have cars fuelled by food - and not by foie gras, but by the only food the poor can still (barely) afford.

    I'm wondering when they'll drop the pretence entirely and just start manufacturing Soylent Green.