Sunday, April 06, 2008

Help With Matheory Please

The atmosphere in Belgrade is, at least for the time being, carnivalesque in a faked way - when they are not in shelters, people dance to rock or ethnic music on the streets, under the motto "With music against bombs!", playing the role of the defying heroes (since they know that NATO does not really bomb civilian targets). Although it may fascinate some confused pseudo-Leftists, this obscene carnivalization of the social life is effectively the other, public, face of ethnic cleansing: while in Belgrade people defiantly dance on the streets, three hundred kilometers to the South, a genocide of African proportions is taking place. (Zizek)

Would that be bigger or smaller than European proportions? Is he saying a relatively small genocide, for the European setting, is taking place, or a relatively big one?

Any assistance in clearing this up will be vastly appreciated.


  1. Anonymous11:22 AM

    "of African proportions"

    It's a joke, a friendly joke; he means big enough to snap a fly with.

    (The horror...the horror...)


  2. ah! of course. thank you.