Monday, April 14, 2008

"Immaterial Labour"

Four years ago the Americans and Canadians with the backing of the French, decapitated Haitian human rights, kidnapping her president and instituting fascist rule by a combination of some of the greediest businessmen in the world and the murderous thugs they hired in an attempt to depose the overwhelmingly popular president of the Haitians, Jean Bertrand Aristide.

Mr Bush and Mr Colin Powell and a mixed gaggle of French and Canadian politicians had decided that freedom and independence were too good for the black people of Haiti. Lest you think I am being racist, there is abundant evidence that the conspiracy against Haiti was inspired by racial hatred and prejudice.

I have gone into this before and I will not return to it today. Suffice it to say that the US, Canada and France, acting on behalf of the so-called 'civilised world', decided on the basis of lies that, as in the case of Iraq, a free and independent people had no business being free and independent when their freedom and independence was seen to threaten the economic interest of the richest people in Haiti and, by extension, the wealthiest countries in the world.

Today, and especially for the last few weeks, the starving people in Haiti have been trying to get the world to listen to their anguish and misery. Along with some other poor people in other countries, the Haitians have been driven to desperation and the edge of starvation by the rapidly increasing price of food. Unlike all the others, the Haitians are over the edge, they are starving, refugees in their own proud country, where many are forced to eat dirt to survive, however tenuously....

...So, the Haitians have taken to the streets and more than half a dozen starvelings have already been shot dead by the armed forces of civilisation, by the satraps and surrogates of George Bush and his Canadian and French accomplices.

The Haitian diaspora leads world diasporas in supporting the population of the native country. Haitians living abroad send more than $2billion in remittances, mostly cash but also goods, to Haiti yearly. 80% of Haitian born émigrés send money regularly to Haiti. This is the only genuine "foreign aid" the Haitian population receives. The bulk of this money comes from the diaspora working in the US; about a quarter only comes from Canada and the Eurozone. Fed and White House policy of currency inflation has catastrophically crashed the purchasing power of the remittances upon which the Haitian citizenry and the Haitian economy depend.

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