Sunday, March 26, 2006

Seriousness, Bravery, Obfuscation



Obfuscation (lacanification, zizekification, clerical services rendered)

"You're safe, boss. The clerks are dependable."


  1. Well, I've had my share of death threats from criticising US terrorism over the years, Mr Warsgaga or whatever pathetic pseudonym you hide behind.

    You're a conspiracy nutter. Period.

  2. Thanks, Padraig. You confirm my point. Now you can return to complaining about the entirely-imaginary "manically-unbalanced personal abuse" you're allegedly subjected to on your own site. Anyone who cares to read the comments will search for that abuse in vain.


  3. “Obfuscation (lacanification, zizekification, clerical services rendered)”

    Isn’t this coming fairly close to a recapitulation of the standard ideological posture of “teevee”, opposing a frothy elitist system to the “real” man-on-the-street position of “teevee”?

    Isn’t this kind of argument used again and again in advertising to valorise watching “teevee”, eating in McDonalds, reading the Sunday People etc?

    Assuming Simon Heffer, say, knew what zizekification meant, couldn’t you imagine him accusing academic theorists of exactly this?

    Isn’t what we need not a rejection of theory per se, but a precise theory that immediately makes redundant the need for a separate caste of “clerks”?

    Seriously, because I don’t criticise the work of idiots,

    All the best