Saturday, March 18, 2006

Devastation Everywhere

Marching To New Orleans:

"I am shocked that something like this is happening on American soil and there's still this much destruction here six months later. I'm shocked that so much of this landscape looks exactly like what I saw in Iraq," said Iraq war veteran Michael Blake.

A coalition of people from across the country is participating in "Operation New Orleans."

They're walking 137 miles from Mobile, hoping to shine a spotlight on the continuing needs of the Gulf Coast.

"As veterans, we believe that if we, the military, if we can go around the world building homes and making peace, we surely can do it here at home. First and foremost, we support our troops, but we support our troops when its necessary to support our troops. We feel that the war that we're fighting, the dollars that's being spent on a senseless war, a war that we were lied to about, can truly be spent here at home," said Savin' Our Self director Vivian Felts from Mobile.


  1. Peter Blapps2:03 PM

    Off topic, sorry.

    This ain't news to Ruppert readers, but it's interesting that this is top story on MSNBC tonight:

    Agent who arrested Moussaoui blasts FBI

    Defense questioning brings out fact that headquarters wasn’t interested

    ALEXANDRIA, Va. - The FBI agent who arrested Zacarias Moussaoui in August 2001 accused headquarters of criminal negligence for its refusal to investigate Moussaoui aggressively after his arrest, according to court testimony Monday.

    Agent Harry Samit testified under cross-examination at Moussaoui’s trial that FBI headquarters’ refusal to follow up “prevented a serious opportunity to stop the 9/11 attacks” that killed nearly 3,000 people.

  2. warszawa7:50 PM

    Yes, but will it even be noticed? The attitude to 9/11 in Britain and the US reminds me more and more of a dysfunctional family - so much mental and emotional effort goes into ignoring the obvious.

    I used to think I was joking when I said Cheney could confess live on prime-time TV and still get away with it.

    A New York fireman is asked who he thinks was responsible:

    “Osama fucking bin Laden, like Bush says. If I thought it was someone else, then I’d have to do something about it. And I don’t want to think about what I’d do.”

  3. so true. he could confess. the same attitude is found in a lot of things - its against the law okay but that doesn't make it criminal...

    everybody KNOWS. everybody knew in fact long ago - thus the freaking out whenever it was mentioned how obvious it is. But there is a willingness to pretend not to know; as there is to pretend not to know about the genocidal war against everyone and the irreperable environmental catastrophe. Too scary.