Thursday, March 23, 2006

Recent Remarks on US Empire-Nationalism

People have not been horrified by war to a sufficient extent ... War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige as the warrior does today: John Fitzgerald Kennedy, architect of both The Cuban Missile Crisis and The Vietnam War.

John Pilger , The War Lovers

For me, one of the more odious characteristics of Blair, and Bush, and Clinton, and their eager or gulled journalistic court, is the enthusiasm of sedentary, effete men (and women) for bloodshed they never see, bits of body they never have to retch over, stacked morgues they will never have to visit, searching for a loved one. Their role is to enforce parallel worlds of unspoken truth and public lies. That Milosevic was a minnow compared with industrial-scale killers such as Bush and Blair belongs to the former.

Robert Fisk : The Iraq War - Three Years On: The march of folly, that has led to a bloodbath

Things have been far worse than we have been told. Our administration more bloody and inefficient than the public knows ... We are today not far from a disaster." This is the most concise and accurate account I have yet read of our present folly.

William Blum : The Anti- Empire Report

US foreign policy does not "mean well". It's not that American leaders have miscalculated, or blundered, causing great suffering, as in Iraq, while having noble intentions. Rather, while pursuing their imperial goals they simply do not care about the welfare of the foreign peoples who are on the receiving end of the bombing and the torture.

Chalmers Johnson: What Ever Happened to Congress?:

Is it just that they're corrupt? That's certainly part of it ... Now, I'm considering how we've managed to alienate so many rich, smart allies – every one of them, in fact. How we've come to be so truly hated. This, in a Talleyrand sense, is the sort of mistake from which you can't recover. That's why I'm planning on calling the third volume of what I now think of as "The Blowback Trilogy," Nemesis. Nemesis was the Greek goddess of vengeance. She also went after people who became too arrogant, who were so taken with themselves that they lost all prudence. She was always portrayed as a fierce figure with a scale in one hand – think, Judgment Day – and a whip in the other…

TD: And you believe she's coming after us?

Johnson: Oh, I believe she's arrived. I think she's sitting around waiting for her moment, the one we're coming up on right now.

Noam Chomsky: Calls for Iraqi Reparations:

Noam Chomsky criticized the Iraq War yesterday, calling the occupation a bungled version of Nazi Germany in Vichy France.

Paul Craig Roberts: Deranged, Disconnected, and Dangerous

Not since Abraham Lincoln have American civil liberties been so threatened as by the Bush regime. America even has an Attorney General, a Vice President, and a Secretary of Defense who believe in torture. How do they differ from officials in the Third Reich or Stalin's KGB? Anyone who believes in torture is not an American.

Former CIA analyst: An Unnecessary Crisis - The Iranian Nuclear Showdown :

Military action is madness; unilateral economic sanctions are basically cutting off the American nose to spite the American face.

Federation of American Scientists: Warn of Shift Toward Nuclear Preemption

The Next Time He's Wrong: Will the President Push The Button?

US Political Scientists: Israel a US ForPol Military Satellite:

Study alleges US sets aside own security interest for Israel's

A research paper by two leading American political scientists alleges that the US relationship with Israel is not good for US security, and that the Israeli lobby in the US, particularly the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee, has helped exaggerate to the US media and public the importance of making the protection of Israel a key part of US foreign policy.

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