Friday, March 17, 2006

Sent off

Less handsome than George Best, but faster, funnier and even less predictable, Wee Jinky was the first living person to have a Fabergé egg designed for him, after Sarah Fabergé saw the video "Lord of the Wing".
From the Wikipedia entry:
Jimmy was one of the "Lisbon Lions", the team that won the European Cup for Celtic in 1967. Jock Stein had instilled in the team the conviction that they could beat the superstars of Inter Milan, but Johnstone expected that Celtic would "get gubbed". He later recalled:
"There they were, Facchetti, Domenghini, Mazzola, Cappellini; all six-footers wi' Ambre Solaire suntans, Colgate smiles and sleek-backed hair. Each and every wan o' them looked like yon film star Cesar Romero. They even smelt beautiful. And there's us lot - midgets. Ah've got nae teeth, Bobby Lennox hasnae any, and old Ronnie Simpson's got the full monty, nae teeth top an' bottom. The Italians are staring doon at us an' we're grinnin' back up at 'em wi' our great gumsy grins. We must have looked like something out o' the circus."