Monday, February 07, 2011

Spectacular Infantilisation

Everything's a moment in an idiotic cartoon or cgi spectacle for Zizek and fans..."philosophy" and "political theory" are transformed into the crudest demagoguery for dopes, a sneer at mom, dad, the old left and grups in general followed by the evocation of some uplifting sequence from the boilerplate sentimental Hollywood blockbuster for kidsendummies. Shot together by Israeli soldiers, the "Palestinian woman" in "traditional dress" embraces the "Israeli lesbian" with "purple hair" as the brass keens and moans. The tyrant runs off the cliff, treds air, looks down and drops from the sky, like Wile E. Coyote, right into stipey jailbird jammies and the dock at "The Hague". And "when we fight a tyrant, we are all universalists" with no need for revolutionary socialism or even that "stupid UNESCO multiculturalism" with all that Islamic Feminist nonsense and other trivia in which Dr. Ramadan is implicated. SZ propounds a version of the J.J. Abrams self-help doctrine and "philosophy of life" really - we compete (divided into ethno-racial blocks, not principally as individuals, for Zizek) until a commmon threat makes us all "work together" for survival, and faced with this dramatically unambiguous nemesis, we embrace and link arms and sing in French and share our hankies as all that nonsense about imperialism, capitalist accumulation, expropriation and exploitation, and class war melts away.

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