Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feminism: Controversies, Challenges, Actions from BCRW Videos on Vimeo.

If we divide issues up - these are feminist issues, these are racial issues, these are war and peace issues over here, these are bread and butter issues over here - if we do that, which is what a certain kind of neoliberal politics encourages us to do, then we will be self-defeating.


The biggest successes will lie in our ability to connect our struggles to the struggles of people in Palestine, to the struggle of people in Iraq, to the struggles of people working in unsafe working conditions, all of these contexts are deeply connected to me.


It's not just about gender equality anymore because we're asking - equal to what? equal to dominate? Equal to exploit? Equal to oppress? No I think we're talking fundamentally about social transformation so that people can live in a free and just and safe world.


We spent twenty years talking about how interests that look as if they are divided are connected. That questions of gender and sexuality and questions of economics look as if they are divided, and that they actually are connected in various ways. But we also have to look at the ways in which people have interests that do seperate them, and how are we going to overcome those. And take seriously - conflict.

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