Friday, February 25, 2011


Is effectively not the ultimate horizon of the postmodern “identity politics” Darwinian – defending the right of some particular species of the humankind within the panoply of their proliferating multitude (gays with AIDS, black single mothers…)? The very opposition between “conservative” and “progressive” politics can be conceived of in the terms of Darwinism: ultimately, conservatives defend the right of those with might (their very success proves that they won in the struggle for survival), while progressives advocate the protection of endangered human species, i.e., of those losing the struggle for survival.


  1. "The obvious counterargument is here: so what?"
    I am so torn. Do I reply

    1) The logical fulcrum in an argument about human inteloligance and reason, no less.


    2) Isn't this his resposne to evertthing?

    Or 3) So whT

  2. the whole piece is so vile

    but apparently this billboard is being removed as there remain in the world non-zizneyians.

    but it's really creepy

    there is a wierd fasho flabvour to all this bourgeois dissident discourse now...

    like this:

    its like hegel.

    the "arabs" have proven they're fit for democracy

    like that godorful toscano fable of malcolm x touched by the angel of abstraction transformed from wicked fetishist particularist field-n to civilised enlightened universalist house-n

    the "arab world is the new latin america" declare h and n might fashion pundits.

    their "interpretations" conveniently self-aggrandizing and self-affirming celebrate their own ignorance. roll video..."look at the leaderless swarm! of immaterial new media workers!"

    they turn their know-nothingness into a virtue and just trust that their story will be accepted because its entertaining and appealing, rather than because it is true.