Saturday, July 17, 2010

What Do Men Want?


  1. Tres etrange. Didn't expect to see Keitel in anything that far back. So is that what men want? Don't get it. 'i know what boys like', etc., by Cyndi Lauper. A little bit light-hearted for the promise of blood that Robert-Morse-looking choked-one seemed to be destined to give/get. Is it the absence of the shooting? One time a guy held a toy gun at me, I didn't know it was, it was pretty creepy. He's dead now, but that's neither here nor there, and was a gay activist-writer for the old Christopher Street magazine. Just rambling here, it's scorcher summer.

    Wow, I don't know my Scorsese well, had to look that up. Keitel did start early. At first, thought it was like a kind of 'Rififi Lite'. 'Rififi' is probably my favourite macho movie--all about favouring mechanical and technical procedures over any demonstrative tenderness, etc., which is tonic if you take breaks...

    But, god, talk about the opposite. Today Ben Brantley has written this embarassing thing about 'Garbo's silence' and his seeming mourning that 'it's all gone'. Pee-yew. I wonder if he'd been drinking Thunderbird or Italian Swiss Colony all night...

  2. So is that what men want? Don't get it.

    Isn't that the eternal mystery? what do men want? Can it be that the sum of male desires is a bottle of whisky, a pair of expensive sneakers, a firearm, a fast car and lots of porn videos to jerk off to? certainly their liberation is not going to be achieved through employment.

  3. No, it can't be, you're just being tongue-in-cheek. What I was talking about was the movie clip itself with the gun, which didn't send your seeming message across because it was never used.

    "Can it be that the sum of male desires is a bottle of whisky, a pair of expensive sneakers, a firearm, a fast car and lots of porn videos to jerk off to? "

    Who knows why you'd say such a thing. It probably doesn't hurt your cause, but it does free up any desire to make generalizations about women any man may wish to indulge in. Maybe it was just a 'reverse parody', etc. You worked for Scorsese some, didn't you? I just meant I didn't think this clip quit said everything you seemed to want to, because it didn't go all the way, looked like a later version of 'Ocean's 11' or something like that. 'The Sopranos' might be more like what the echelon of men you're talking about really want, I don't know. Both sexes are always going to make generalizations about the other, even if they do it in private. That's a given. Same with race, people are going to do it. And it's better that way, because you can't get things to be perfect when their is distrust in reality, so you minimize the damage. I personally, for example, thought Pigeon's reading BLACK RAGE so I'd see it in my kitchen every day for 2 weeks was pretty ridiculous, but i never said a word about it--to HER, in any case.

  4. I dunno why I posted it really; a chain of associations; if you'd seen the movie it might be clearer Harvey Keitel meets good blonde girl, real middle class girl, who at first finds him kind of beneath her, in the Staten Island ferry terminal - they talk about movies; they date; she confesses she's not a virgin - she was in fact raped - and he calls her a hoooooooer. It's interesting, and especially perhaps the fantasy it plays out of this haughty white white American girl, slightly bohemian (she reads french magazines), becoming a good submissive girlfriend to Keitel who is beneath her socially, an Italian American from "the neighborhood".

  5. interesting

    about race
    about patriarchy
    about class

    and with this theme of John Wayne and the frontier...the movie they discuss when he picks her up is The Searchers.

    I don't believe scorsese really understood the kind of web of power and ideals he depicts.

  6. Snicker. Yes, I pondered this eternal mystery today when I was traveling, and I saw all of these men driving fossil fuels out of very expensive recreational motorcycle type vehicles (I believe they are known as "crotch rockets") and then very large boats on the water. Just for kicks, they would randomly accelerate to around 90mph, endangering the lives of anyone else who might be on the road/river. But they have a right to a good time, goddammit. (I had to calculate the emissions of different toxic chemical byproducts of gasoline in moles per gallon on a test once- it's A LOT. More than you'd even imagine it is.)

    Yeah, Patrick, you'd like this movie I think. Keitel is one of the few still-working American actors who I think is genuinely talented. He used to eat at Schillers a lot on the LES, have you been there?

    And "I know what boys like" was by the Waitresses- although I had to look that up, I knew it wasn't Lauper's voice, Lauper has a technically decent voice, and doesn't sound as monotone.

  7. Oh my dear! You shouldn't have corrected me, because I really did think that was Cyndi's song. Hoo hoo, it's 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'. Oh lawd, Ah-pege, what has that visit to Lustmolcheleh Land done to me. I do hope he's still alive. Beautiful little trip, though, that inland area seems to have no relation to Los Angeles at all. Puh-sonally, I've been watching Connie in my head all day shakin' it with 'Lipstick on your Collar Told a Tale on Yewwww', she is so hilarious, but Brenda Lee was maybe better, but although pop, you'd find her a little too country (some of the country gals are good, though). You know, THIS is sort of funny, there are certain kinds of popular music (to include literal every kind of non-concert, non-opera, non-lieder, etc.) in which I like almost only the women singers (as I really do like a lot of the country girls, but not any of the men except Elvis, who becomes more pop), and some, like French pop, where I like the men FAR more in general. I like Piaf and a few others, but am NUTS over Becaud, Trenet, Brel, et cie. (less Aznavour, although do like that movie Shoot the Piano Player). Love Trenet singing 'Que Reste-t'il de nos amours...' it's a thousand times better than in English as 'I Wish You Love'. More American mainstream pop, probably like the women better mostly, but good Sinatra (before too many camels) is great. He sings 'One for my Baby and One more for the Road' better than anybody, except maybe Lena.

    Too bad Ms. Sontag isn't around to give us a new Theory of 'Sexism in World-Culture Pop Music'. Slap me for sayin' this, but I don't miss her so...I hate her stuff in the 'Notes on Camp' when she tries to prove her snooty tastes in movie stars, the classy ones like Garbo (of course) as opposed to the tacky ones like Virginia Mayo. Lord, that one had a new opinion every day and new how to get it out there too! Her narcissism was moving, though, because I think she was a serious thanatophobe. But I owe Anodyne Kate Bush, oh now that is a gorgeous dame, and so RICH with taste....Mmmmmmm....yes....can't stop saying it...btw, I knocked the stove problem upstairs and the super underwent an attitude changed and fixed it (lol). Terrible capitalist hierarchy abuse, I know, but all he has to know is that I 'filed a report on what happened' the landlord and knows he can't tell me 'you want stove on Sunday!!!???' I say 'well, yes, if possible'. he screams 'Well, you can't have stove, it's Sunday!!!!'

    But I got stove on Sunday and finished our Chocolate Cheesecake.

  8. In rock, though, I may like some of the men more. Love David Bowie, think he may be the best musician in general in history of rock. Love Elvis, Beatles, the Who, the Stones well enough, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Deborah Harry, all sorts. In lighter pop, nuts for Dionne Warwick all my life, wow, what a musical marriage she had with Burt Bacharach, who did up Marlene Dietrich well before he even started on Dionne. I really don't see what Madonna and Lady Gaga have in terms of musicality, but I think Anodyne likes them. I like the female cabaret singers better, like Barbara Cook and Karen Akers, never crazy about Bobby Short, he started singing in this really blase Park Avenue marbles-in-the-mouth caricature diction. Probably like the black women singers much more from decades past, a lot of them, Bessie, Billie, Ella, Lena, Dinah, Nina, trying to think of them--usually more pleasant but good like johnny mathis, and then i like filthy Dr. Dre for rap, because he does some music, but not big on that business. Oh, here's who's a great jazz singer--Abby lincoln, I've heard her live sing 'The Music is the Magic of the Secret World', but most of the best jazz pianists are black, like McCoy Tyner (heard in person), Red Garland, Ahmad jamal (heard in person). oh yeah, I do like Al Jarreau, heard him at Carnegie in 2002 with Nancy Wilson, who looks 30 years younger than she is.

    Susan could have also done 'Racism in World-Culture Pop Music'. Oh well, at least Joyce Carol Oates doesn't shoot her mouth of quite as loudly, although I don't like her writing much.