Monday, July 26, 2010


Melissa Harris-Lacewell speaking about Shirley Sherrod:

It reminds me very much of the Academy-award-winner of 2004, Crash. I heard this story breaking, and I thought, this sounds like that film to me. If you remember that film, the first act of really horrifying racism occurs when the white police officer puts his hand up an African American woman’s dress, a sexual assault on her. But – in a scene right after that – we see a black woman bureaucrat refusing government services to this police officer’s aging father. The idea in that film, that the movie made …and we embraced it as a country and felt good about awarding the Oscar … is that the police officer and the low-level bureaucrat are the same, all prejudice is equal, this is the thing the NAACP is moved to do, it’s to explain that it is structural racism that matters, not just momentary lapses of prejudice. Even if that tape had been true, it would not have been the equivalency of Jim Crow, to slavery, to institutional racism.


  1. concerned with racism are we?

    just learned about juan santos, a year after his death

    he said this about the towers in 08:

    economic meltdown hasn’t waited either - it’s on us now, as well. It didn’t wait for the impacts of peak oil, the way we imagined. Bush and company collapsed it early, just like they collapsed the Towers.

    this resonates a different perspective than your latest links

    more in line with my latest focusage:
    Although i think all whities need to repatriate (and do yet another gigantic step into a much more fecund and less toxic time and space, in one word, rematriate) back to europe and help usurpers as well as refugees back to their homes too, I tend to tune into bluegrass (American hillbilly (=rural) music) a lot, longest and still very regularly via: folkalley,
    PS (in the light of a note in dutch i wrote the 27th of july about the don mclean songs about castles): the famous song . ..'shady grove, my little love' has harsh connotations knowing that shadows casts by solid (though known to suddenly implode) tokens of man's pride ('pride of man' is another of my folk faves) and the empasis in the subtext is entirely on little love, no matter how lovely the tune (both done best ((most penetratingly)) by Tony Rice in my opinion).

    wv: exelitas (not usually very sentimental about them)

  2. thanks piet - good interview -
    don't send me to minsky pinsky please

    qlipd - just watch, in a few weeks they will have won that ground.

  3. Nearly 1,400 potential Scarletts were interviewed; 90 screen tests were produced at a cost of $92,000.

    this what you mean?

    very few mentions of minsky pinsky but the 'gone with the wind page from westerntheatre mentions ...

    different arrival times, different routes but all trying to outrun their (traumatic desertification and concommitant patriarchal excesses filled) past?
    ashki vs sephart
    sunni vs shiite
    hutu tutsi
    prot cath
    rich poor
    chimp bonobebop
    scifiski hippy
    patrist matrist
    hope andrew lehman did not croak from his aneurysm (behind the eye, ouch) op ... he was so well on his way to figure this out.

    i tried to dissuade him from hyping the net like Gilder used to ... it is a splinternet after all. and did not stop drillthrillers to favor interradial drill down and multifacettage of transaction instead. it has isolated one talent i know of to overpass protests and regular vigils and lists with sloppy participants (senseless repetitiousness) ...lef rite lef rite splinter clog splinter clog

  4. a virus i abandoned myself to ... even eagerly adopted very early, throwing myself on public mercy (classroom reading, circuit racing, hitch-hiking, website making), due to present constraint constellation i toil under, the library / trust based transparant (and stately, lending organic growth standing type fis(i)cality) space combo are tardy to appear, but i nevertheless keep on expressing wishes and hopings for them, trying to avoid repeating ways of doing so which failed to 'sort effect' so far. Then again trying again can't hurt cause the target lives and is on the move in search of a welcome. Let's realize a future that thanks needs and honours those who pilot the past up to the point it got poisoned by big bad holy books and headiness through to it.
    Juan Rafael Santos on global crisis (about real and metaphorical cities)
    he starts of quoting somebody quoting Elie Wiesel# approvingly and biasedly judgemental about christianity. It is enough to make me want to defend that faith failing to ... i mean revolt failing to finish the task/noble cause it set itself and subsequently falling to faith status. bouncing off its target and having been turned back at the latter's vanguard is cause for deep shame. the jews/semites won the war. Islam was a weaker version of Christianity. I attack all of them but seeing someone be uncritical of Wiesel makes me cringe and start of thinking Michael E Jones in defense of Christianity.

    # at the top of
    Christian Fascism and the Nazi Legacy
    by Juan Santos

    a commenter at Juan's Part 2 of Apocalypse No! An Indigenist Perspective - 2nd of septembe 2006 ---- sushil yadav said...

    The link between Mind and Social / Environmental-Issues.

    The fast-paced, consumerist lifestyle of Industrial Society is causing exponential
    rise in psychological problems besides destroying the environment. All issues are
    interlinked. Our Minds cannot be peaceful when attention-spans are down to
    nanoseconds, microseconds and milliseconds. Our Minds cannot be peaceful if we
    destroy Nature.

    Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment.

    Subject : In a fast society slow emotions become extinct.
    Subject : A thinking mind cannot feel.
    Subject : Scientific/ Industrial/ Financial thinking destroys the planet.
    Subject : Environment can never be saved as long as cities exist.

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    In 1980, Russell Means gave his most famous speech, called “For America to Live
    Europe Must Die.” ---- on the contrary, those who fled betrayed and were otherwise cajoled and tempted into a colonist and settler occupation project, the big flex to build up some resistence to having to break off the one presently occupying the few functioning hearts around the world left, must return ... put the usurpers, intrigants and theatrically scheming financial innovators, autism oriented little conniving bastards in their therapeutic place and retake europe which aint a dwarf on a giant's back as Means seems to imply. Fact of the matter is that europe aint got no simian on its back to shake off neither, but a semite - again, this dwarf on the giant's neck needs to be

    -a- tied up at the compost heap instead .. to turn (aim, focus, allow, help) their favored proliferation games (on)to a manageable and fruitful type scale,

    -b- given rock enough to dust the given shit (yeah literally, true sewer saviourism fullfilment and act all outism, beautiful ceramics, polished marble, fresh mud, mad mad revels) up, over and in with or else, suffer the stench ... we will see if that won't get us to a world of 'joy-ants', equal but different, decentral and pleasingly pleached family treehousing project dwellers, ubiquitous but lowly (low concentrations), helpful protectors rather than ridders of diversity). Fuck the obsessions with mixes. help the stucky lumps and sticky limps in the mix go mux and maxiculltoveat themselves instead.

    The restorations needed in the EU and the US (plus the middle east and most everywhere industrial efforts have scarred land- and livingscapes) are similar, can and must be run parallel, sychopated.


    replacements for the 2 defunct links

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  12. I emailed you those comments, piet. I don't feel like getting into a discussion at the moment, but I got all rhapsodic. No need to upset the ladies.