Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pet Dissidents - A Comedy Sketch

Wendy Brown and Lisa Rofel discuss Marxism, Finance, Iraq and World Markets from IHR on Vimeo.


  1. 40'50" - I don't have that much time right now.

    But the first seocnd seconds laminted on the preceding discussion cracked me up.

    "enormously rich, enormously stimulating"!

    What do pet dissidents want?

  2. what cracks me up is just what an imbecile she is with this "change the soul" - Margaret Thatcher's propagandistic horseshit is "a tacit confession" that it's not about accumulation it's really a moral mission.... like how would an entire ruling elite agree on what kind of soul or subjectivity they want certain people to have and why? When did the state of california agree what kind of soul to give Wendy Brown and who designed the policy to make her this way? Why was there no disagreement? Who benefits from her subjectivity and in what way?

    All these questions are inappropriate. Because that's the kind of discourse it is.

    that there's something objective - profit rate, objective interests - that coordinate class action seems vulgar and too simple - she'd rather believe, with Nietzsche and Foucault, that its magic. "neoliberalism" is a "governmentality" that takes possession of Paul Bremer and Margaret Thatcher and makes them desire the same kind of soul in Iraqi farmers and English nurses ...and with a wave of their wands they achieve it...while Wendy Brown with her protective talisman remains's really hocus pocus.

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  4. Will get back to the clip tomorrow. BANNER, eh? Learned how to delete my own comment. I learned it by googling 'how to delete comments from Blogger'. Never had any idea that was a trash can icon. Oh, the POWER over vicious trolls!

    Oh, I do like this word verification: 'pelli', that's my first nickname for Christian for many years. Then we did 'pelleure' for awhile, and pellursky and mulleure and mulleursky and now got all butch and it's just PELL and MULL.