Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dunking The Mastermind Of 9/11

Because it's so much more fun than depositions and evidence and all that old fashioned stuff.


  1. wow, sounded like he was threatening Matt's family.

    "you don't want your family dead, do you? Then stop asking these questions."

  2. Well, it's classic Freudian totemism: "I don't want you dead, he does!"

    But the interviewer was too soft on him. Bush isn't a difficult man to beat in an argument, and he could at least have said something like "how do you 'adjust' to being shoved under water? How does one prepare for this in advance?" Similarly, "if you say you don't want the enemy to know what we're doing, doesn't this mean you can hide almost anything from the American people - y'know, in case Al finds out?"