Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Antipathy for the Devil: Chavez's speech to the UN.

Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, Delivers Remarks to U.N. General Assembly, New York,
September 20th, 2006


"Madam President, Excellencies, Heads of State, Heads of government and other governments' representatives, good morning.

First, and with all respect, I highly recommend this book by Noam Chomsky, one of the most prestigious intellectuals in America and the world, Chomsky. One of his most recent works: Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest for Global Dominance (The American Empire Project). It’s an excellent work to understand what’s happened in the world in the 20th Century, what’s currently happening, and the greatest threat on this planet; the hegemonic pretention of the North American imperialism endangers the human race’s survival.

We continue warning about this danger and calling on the very same U.S. people and the world to stop this threat, which resembles the Sword of Damocles over our heads. I had considered reading from this book, but for the sake of time, I shall just leave it as a recommendation. It reads easily. It's a very good book. I'm sure, Madam, you are familiar with it.


The book is in English, in Russian, in Arabic, in German.

I think that the first people who should read this book are our brothers and sisters in the United States, because their threat is in their own house. The devil is right at home. The devil -- the devil, himself, is right in the house.

And the devil came here yesterday."


Full text in English at Persistence of Vision.

The excellent David Traynier appends an e-mail to Chomsky:

Dear Noam,
I just wanted to add my congratulations, to what I'm sure is already a bulging inbox, on your success in having Hugo Chavez promote your work at the UN. It's a masterstroke but I guess you had to do something after bin Laden told the world he was reading William Blum...
UPDATE: Amazon sales rating for Hegemony or Survival , one day after the anti-American South American recommended the North American's works to his 'brothers and sisters in the US'.


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