Friday, November 04, 2005

Some of them want to use you (II)

1. McCartneys 'not going to be used'

A sister of murdered Belfast man Robert McCartney has said the family will not be used for political means. Catherine McCartney was speaking after refusing to share a platform with Margaret Thatcher, claiming she had "inflicted injuries" on Ireland. She and sister Claire were expected to collect an award along with the former prime minister at a London ceremony.

2. Angry families threaten to boycott remembrance service at St Paul's

"...Widow Louise Gray told newspapers published Tuesday that she would attend the service to remember her husband Richard, but that [her eleven-year-old son] Adam would stay away. "He is very angry with the bombers, but he also blames the war and he blames the government," Gray said. "He doesn't want to be part of anything that has Tony Blair there."

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