Saturday, October 01, 2011

It's Always Football

So that's what happened. Early October 2010, Angela Merkel attended a match in Germany against the Turkish national team. A large contingent of the fans were supporting Turkey, for which several ethnically Turkish German residents kept their nationality to play. And every time Mesut Özil had the ball, the Turkey supporters whistled - in a German home stadium!

So she basically made a beeline from the stadium to the television to tell the world MULTICULTURALISM HAS FAILED!!!!

It's always football.


  1. Well, yes, years ago the Phillies drafted college phenom J.D. Drew. He refused to sign, because the team was so crummy back then. Today he is at the tail end of his career, and to this day if he takes the field for against the Phils in Philly, he gets booed. From it follows like the night the day, that we are not Americans and have failed to join the national culture. Or failed to join the Nationalist League. Or inveterately oppose the Americanist League.

  2. Yes, our exotic cuisine incontestably enriched the culture of our host nation. Of that we are proud.