Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Did you love 'Toy Story 3'? Many did, and that should have told Democrats something — that Americans may like Obama personally but they aren't buying his agenda.


  1. thanks - fantastic

  2. really straightforward accurate reading of the film, but its funny with maybe three words changed the piece could be satire of the film's mission and its reactionary fans.

  3. best part is this:

    **student135 at 11:23 AM November 02, 2010
    Director Lee Unkrich's response to this article, via Twitter:

    "Really? REALLY? Please keep Toy Story 3 out of your politics."

    and its indeed even possible the director, just following conventions and the trained instincts that he mistakes for artistic intellect at work, doesn't have a clue, never became even quite conscious of the meaning of cowboy and astronaut