Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Children are, in fact, reacting to the broader collapse of the nurturing conditions needed for their healthy development."

There is a new diagnosis called Oppositional Defiant Disorder which again has to do with behaviors and poor impulse control.

DR. GABOR MATÈ : Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. There are about half a million kids in this country receiving heavy duty anti-psychotic medications. Medications such as those are usually given to adult schizophrenics to regulate their hallucinations. But in this case, children are getting it to control their behavior. So what we have is a massive social experiment of the chemical control of kids’ behavior with no idea of the long-term consequences of these heavy duty anti-psychotics on kids.

I know that Canadians statistics just last week showed that within last five years, 43% increase in the rate of dispensing stimulant prescriptions for ADD or ADHD, and most are going to boys. In other words, what we are seeing is an unprecedented burgeoning of the diagnosis. I should say, really I’m talking about- more broadly speaking- what I would call the destruction of American childhood, because ADD is the template, or just an example of what’s going on. In fact, according to a recent study published in the States, nearly half of American adolescents now meet some criteria for mental-health disorders. So we’re talking about a massive impact on our children of something in our culture not been recognized.


DR. GABOR MATÈ: The situation with fathers is that increasingly now, there was study recently that showed increasing numbers of men are having postpartum depression as well. And the main role of the father, of course, would be to support the mother. But when people are stressed emotionally... The cause of postpartum depression in the mother it is not intrinsic to the mother. Not intrinsic to the mother. What we have to understand here is that human beings are not discrete, individual entities, contrary to the 'free enterprise' myth- that people are competitive, individualistic, private entities. What people actually are are social creatures very much dependent on one another, and very much programed to cooperate with one another when the circumstances are right.

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  1. you know what i aint even gonna listen .. can't stomach (ear? same shape sorta) amy until she starts to use a speaking aid (mouth organ? i have just begun listening to machine read pdf cause my tolerance for text is rapidly disappearing too).

    obviously has come up on lbo or else one of the talkers (CG, not the least in my opinion) wouldn't say: If you don't like the video or Amy Goodman's voice, the full transcript is below.

    the 14th of this month i wrote:
    DemocracyNow's Amy Goodman sounds more like a woundmam, is a double agent and i hate her. she sounds as discouragingly sad as the equivalent of all red leaders combined after 200 years of disappointing attempts to share the peace pipe smoke .. cracking their voices into a type of supersadness that sinks their own hopes besides any and all just cause.

    Sometimes men choosing to fight each other over mating rights rather than dance to women for them don't make one whole hell of a lot of difference, an auditioning racket leading to deadly bureaucracy also ... play act and soufflippin flood hearts and minds with impending doom.

    tolerance in the pre-technical and also pre-sociological sense denotes closeness, close calls, matchedness, weighuppityhood, pursuit .. further down this trajectory one can slide migration into invasion, making most lefty multi-culturalist pretend anti-imperialists ...

    delirium performans
    i myself tried to discourage use of violence but not for unclear or nefarious reasons. on the contrary, cause i thought in folks like me invincibly agile, unassailable and suprising cleverness would sooner carry the day.
    ...dismiss and disarm the dirty fighting so it can start in earnest..
    ..replace dirty with clean fighting - informed, informal and above all, well patented, even better advertized and unbeatably lucrative
    I am conducting secret negotiations with Ken O'Keefe at this moment. Well, not exactly, homeboy is retracing my steps in a weird way, ones i made in ... oh, 78?
    "Road to Hope Convoy, kidnapped in Libya, freed in Greece. We hope to rejoin the convoy in Libya in the coming days."
    "# - as a philospher, i will give you an apparantly contradictory answer, there is light, but the only way to light is through, corageously confronting, darkness."
    thanks ziz, for the shout out. your last line ('way to light is through darkness'# - aljazeera app Ql linked to) will, if googled literally, lead to me so you sent your audience home with some serious work. bravo. Oops, nope, nor did the search - "through matter" - match any documents.