Thursday, November 19, 2009

Zombie Football (It doesn't just smell bad; it's dead.)

First FIFA change the rules at short notice to introduce seeding in the play-offs. Then this:

Sport is a great builder of character, and it teaches us lessons for life; for example, that there are players and then there are losers. We also learn at a suitably impressionable age that the referee must be respected and obeyed as Absolute Authority (headmaster, policeman, boss, judge, jury, executioner and treasurer):

When contacted by the Guardian, a Fifa spokesman flatly denied the chance of a rematch, refering to Law 5 in the official rules of the game which states that the referee has "full authority to enforce the Laws of the Game in connection with the match to which he has been appointed", and that "the decisions of the referee regarding facts connected with play are final".

Votre avis is literally of no account. In the world's most popular and lucrative sport, as everywhere else, The Money just has to win.


  1. kenoma11:44 AM

    Sickener. They made us replay Nice and Lisbon, they could at least give us this.

  2. "French sports teachers' union SNEP-FSU condemned Henry's handball as "indisputable cheating", and criticised the French Football Federation for not speaking out against it.

    The union released a statement which said: "The France team will go to South Africa courtesy of indisputable cheating which highlights the downward spiral affecting football today."

    The statement added: "The SNEP is surprised at the silence and absence of immediate condemnation of what happened by the Federation."

    The union also said: "SNEP condemns and challenges statements made by coach Raymond Domenech and some of his players saying the main thing in sport is to win.

    "All these comments are unfortunately linked to a 'very modern' philosophy stipulating that in all areas, including sports, the end justifies the means." "