Thursday, November 05, 2009

Lunching With Noam

Or take Chomsky. There are two problematic features in his work — though it goes without saying that I admire him very much. One is his anti-theorism. A friend who had lunch with him recently told me that Chomsky announced that he'd concluded that social theory and economic theory are of no use — that things are simply evident, like American state terror, and that all we need to know are the facts. I disagree with this.

I met a guy who recently had lunch with Chomsky and he told me that Chomsky said something very sad: Chomsky said that today we don't need theory.

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  1. Is this is just Chomsky taking his aversion to “conspiracy theories” to a logical conclusion? Or is he having a go at Marx? I daresay his next trick will be to abolish the very concept of causality.

    Now – I don’t want to sound paranoid – but who is he actually working for?