Sunday, September 28, 2008


  1. this "what's going to happen if he doesn't win"

    this is the creepiest meme. and its been going around, not on tv but word of mouth, for months now. My friend who works at a cable broadcaster in NY has been saying to me I swear to God this is some kind of crazy set up, everybody says this thing, from the editors to the executives in her workplace: suddenly everyone is saying "oh if he doesn't win there's going to be riots" really this whole crazy story, with all this racist innuendo, building up to this expectation.

    it's like this is one of the domestic war games scenarios that are on the table. Obama loses the last state by a couple votes; we see on the tv reports of riots, unrest, national emergency...the kinds of montages like from Caracas in the lead up to the coup. One guy with a bleeding head getting into alimo, shown over and over, to give the impression there were ten thousand guys who ride in limosines with cuts on their heads.

    its creepy that this meme makes it mainstream tv debut on a "left" programme.

  2. kenoma3:46 PM

    I've come across that meme too: seems a pre-emptive caricature of protests against disenfranchisement, almost an alibi.

    (Doesn't Maher have form in this regard? I don't know much about him, but vaguely remember him coming out with some pretty horrific anti-Muslim stuff, even worse than the usual US talkshow racism).

  3. kenoma you were right - here it is

    the paper. "peace in our time"

  4. kenoma5:23 PM

    We'll see. lol. If nothing else, it's the best tv in years. better than that Maher shite anyhow.