Wednesday, September 03, 2008

AntiSemites and Hoares

This guy, Marko Attila Hoare, is the son of Branka Magas, a propagandist for the nationalist Croatian seperatist project, an expansionist mass murdering campaign flying Ustasha banners and resulting in the most openly antiSemitic, most openly neonazi government in postwar Europe, of which Magas wrote: "The aberrations associated with Franjo Tudjman's period in office were exacerbated, no doubt, by the aggression to which the country was subjected from the very moment of its proclamation of independence" -this is Magas' description of a unilateral secession, refusing negotiation and arbitrarily claiming sovereignty over a population to which the new ethnic nationalist rulers were intensely hostile and threatening; this 'aggression' of which she writes begins when the legal Federal government comes to the aid of hundreds of thousands of its own citizens menaced by ethnic supremacist neoUstasha extremists who plotted, successfully (in part thanks to all the propaganda cover in the British and US press including that contributed by Magas), to bloodily drive them from their homes where their communities had been settled for centuries - "and by the policy of appeasing Belgrade long followed by Western governments". Also in her obituary of Franjo Tudjman, the only head of state in Europe ever to be considered a Holocaust denier by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, whose unabashed glorification of Croatian Nazis and enthusiastic revival of Nazi ideology was so brazen the Israeli State, usually willing to set aside small matters like raving antiSemitism and the persecution of Jews in deference to Washington's sentiments, broke off diplomatic relations, she went so far as to validate his Holocaust revisionist claims which sought to reduce the full extent of Croatian Nazi crimes. In that article, which summed up Tudjman's life without a whisper of a reference to his rabid anti-Semitism, she claimed* that "new research disclosed that deaths in Ustasa concentration camps was far smaller" than the estimates published by Yad Vashem and reputable holocaust historians, and she attributed a supposed inflation of Nazi murderousness in Croatia to "some" anonymous "Serb nationalists." (Not to the Croat Tito). Tudjman, who denied outright that Jasenovac was an extermination camp, does not appear in Magas’ obiturary as a deceitful revisionist, rather as a man who courageously publicised inconvenient truths that, she insinuates, vexed “Serb nationalists” engaged in a conspiracy to defame Croatia’s Nazi puppets and suppress evidence. Magas, along with her husband Quentin Hoare who dismissed accurate descriptions of Tudjman as an anti-Semite and apologist for the Ustasha as propaganda issued by "Belgrade" and “demonstrably rubbish” ( Socialist Worker Review, January 1992), went on to attack her critics and the critics of the neoNazi Croatian nationalists whose cause Hoare and Magas promoted with a libel suit the defendants could not afford (but would probably have won had they adequate funds to fight it). Now the Hoares and Magas, having shown themselves litigious bullies, act as though simply because their opponents weren’t rich enough to enjoy the right to call a spade a spade and an apologist an apologist, it has somehow been proved that Magas and Hoare did not deliberately whitewash the most openly neoNazi head of state in Europe and did not insist his odious views expressed in Wastelands of Historical Truth, with it lyricism of the natural law of genocide, are not justly described as raving anti-Semitism and Nazi apology. Disgusting. Her son is just as bad and that's probably why the ultra right racist looney website "Stirpes" features his work.

He blogs sometimes at Harry's Place which has been relentlessly pillorying a Croatian born British academic and her colleagues on an academic union activist mailing list for a link in a message to the list to an article which HP claims to find distasteful because of its antiSemitic innuendo. The offending article is in fact objectionable antiSemitic trash but even so contains nothing so flagrant as Hoare's own shameless celebration of what he has the gall to call "the liberation of Krajina", a massive campaign of military terror and ethnic cleansing operation carried out by the self-proclaimed inheritors of the Ustasha project, nor could the results of this supposedly intolerable "circulation" of some dumb article on a mailing list which influenced nobody who received it be anywhere near as harmful to Jews and other Nazi-defined underpeople as the US backed policies including mass murder and expulsions carried out by swaggering Croatian neoNazis, which policies Hoare continues to cheer. Hoare repeatedly insists that the result of such policies - which we can all see is the achievement of a little ethnically purified Croatian statelet brimming over with vulgarian homophobes, racists and antiSemites zealously retailing Jewish plot theory and raising monuments to Nazi heroes - is so glorious and worthy it is to be celebrated regardless of the regrettable consequences to the hundreds of thousands of ethnic minority insufficiently-racially- Croat victims of the violent means of achieving it (what the New York Times called the “single greatest” ethnic cleansing of the Yugoslav civil war of the 1990s); Hoare does not regret one penny of the hundreds of millions of dollars he and his parents helped mount a propaganda campaign to extort from European and American taxpayers to fund and arm these mass murdering fascist pigs. He's not curious to know just how much of it went into promoting anti-Semitic publications and venues for pop stars so popular with vile Croatian elites who have made their charming coastline one great sewer of racism, homophobia, and Jew hatred; if there ever was a group of people whose fitness to govern themselves was questionable, the Croat nationalists whom Hoare and HP have such fondness for would be they.

So, now Operation Storm having been endlessly celebrated, Operation Tempest in a Teapot must be created to be vociferously denounced, thus this fuss over a link on a mailing list, which these loons are finding oh. so. unbearable: one can't but suspect the whole show is a scapegoating operation by which HP and Hoare wish to dump the guilt for their own loathesome service to very serious antiSemitic activities, ongoing today, on a ceremonial Croat, whose vilification and sacrifice will thus bring about their own rebirth as down with da Jooz.

*Magas: “new research disclosed that deaths in Ustasa concentration camps was far smaller than the 700,000 or more that some Serb nationalist sources claimed for the Jasenovac camp alone”. Notice the weasly equivocation about the origin of the claim and the figure, the way two seperate claims are latched together to validate one (far fewer than 700,000 people murdered by Ustasa and Nazis in the region’s camps) by attaching it to a vague insinuating allegation of victim inflation against the usual targets of Magas' racist attacks. This kind of slipperiness is typical of the style of Holocaust deniers; Magas, seemingly relying on Zervajic, slyly attributes an unusually large estimate of victims to ‘some Serb nationalists’, projecting bias, in order to cover that she herself inflates the highest common estimate for Jasenovac and to cast doubt on the true estimates by insinuation, refusing to define ‘far smaller’ or to admit even the slightest possibility that the "new research" is anything but a "disclosure" and "revelation" of unscrupulously buried truths. She clearly wishes to leave the reader with the impression that indeed the Holocaust and the Ustasha's role in it has been exaggerated by legitimate historians, to imply that Tudjman's revisionist and antisemitic book and views were therefore legitimate corrections to the accepted record which has "demonised" Croatia's genocidaires, and to blame Jews only for retailing an exaggeration initiated by sinister "Serb nationalists". Let us recall the horrific history that Magas is seeking to cast doubt upon. According to Yad Vashem:

“Located in Croatia 62 miles south of Zagreb, Jasenovac was Croatia’s largest concentration and extermination camp. Jasenovac, was a network of several sub-camps, established in August 1941 and dissolved in April 1945. The Nazis gave control of Jasenovac to the puppet Croatian government, which was run by the fascist Ustasa movement. A large number of Ustasa members served in the camp, most notably Miroslav Filipovic-Majstorovic, who was notorious for killing prisoners with his bare hands.

In total, about 600,000 people were murdered at Jasenovac, including Serbs, Jews, Gypsies, and Croats who opposed the Ustasa Government. Of that number, some 25,000 of the victims were Jews - most of whom had been brought to Jasenovac before August 1942. (at which point the Germans began deporting the Jews of Croatia to Auschwitz).

Jews were brought to Jasenovac from all over Croatia. Most were killed upon arrival, whilst a small number of skilled professionals were kept alive to work at the camp. Prisoners endured horrible conditions and brutal treatment at the hands of the Ustasa guards. Near the end of the war, Jasenovac's administration blew up much of the camp and killed most of the prisoners, in an attempt to conceal evidence of the mass murders that took place there.”

Magas writes: “history will judge [Tudjman] harshly,” – poor thing! - “because of his cavalier attitude to the country's true interests, because of his policy towards neighbouring Bosnia- Herzegovina, and not least because of his persistent hostility to Croatia's citizens of Serb and Bosnian descent - all of which has contributed to the country's present international isolation.” Not so much as a passing mention of his being a neonazi and anti-Semite - which contributed far more to this isolation - about whom David Harris of the American Jewish Committe wrote in a letter to the NYT that he asserted in his book "Wastelands: Historical Truth" (1988), [Jews] used their supposed traits of "selfishness, craftiness, unreliability, miserliness, underhandedness and secrecy" to gain control of the Jasenovac concentration camp (where tens of thousands of Yugoslav Jews and others perished) and victimize others. Jews, he alleged, are commanded to 'exterminate others and take their place' because they consider themselves the chosen people.


  1. whose unabashed glorification of Croatian Nazis and enthusiastic revival of Nazi ideology was so brazen the Israeli State, usually willing to set aside small matters like raving antiSemitism and the persecution of Jews in deference to Washington's sentiments, broke off diplomatic relations

    If were just an antiSemite and a revisionist, that would not have disrupted relations with Israel, though his "revelations" about how Jews were running Jasenovac might cross a line; but while he treated the Israeli government in his book as the representatives of The Jews, which they like, he called them Judeo-Nazis and noticed their imperialism was "genocidal", which they don't like.

  2. called them Judeo-Nazis and noticed their imperialism was "genocidal",

    (in the most complimentary way though of course.)