Tuesday, March 11, 2008

'There is a world war and everyone is now part of it'

Michel Warschawski:
The rise of European neo-conservatism (French President Nicolas Sarkozy is an example of this phenomenon) is a new challenge for the solidarity movement, and more generally, for the anti-globalization movement throughout the world: the global-war strategy is no longer the monopoly of the US administration (supported by a few other countries, like Great Britain), but of the “international community” as such.

This is definitely a change that the Global Resistance should take into consideration very seriously: there is a world war and everyone is now part of it. Over and against an “international community” aligned with Washington’s global war, a united international anti-war movement is becoming a burning priority.

What does this have to do with Gaza? Because today, Gaza is the frontline of the resistance to that offensive. If Gaza surrenders, Washington and Tel Aviv will feel free to launch a second round in Lebanon and to attack Iran. They know well that Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are different battles in one and the same war, and they are concentrating their forces in order to bring the surrender of Gaza, its people and its elected leadership. That understanding should penetrate the Global movement too, and bring it to one conclusion: the Palestinians of Gaza are fighting not only for their own rights and dignity, but for the freedom of all the peoples of the world; they are resisting the united leaders of Empire and their attempt to transform the peoples of our planet into their slaves, including the working people in the industrialized metropoles.

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