Sunday, February 03, 2008

"Military PC games. I play them compulsively, enjoying the freedom to dwell in the virtual space where I can do with impunity all the horrible things I was always dreaming of - killing innocent civilians, burning churches and houses, betraying allies... Plato was right: there are only two kinds of people on this earth, those who dream about doing horrible things and those who actually do them. My favourite game? Stalin Subway, a Russian one: Moscow 1952, the player is a KGB investigator, called by Stalin Himself to unearth the plot to kill Stalin and other members of the Politburo. One can arrest and kill suspects at one's will. If one wins, one gets a medal from Stalin and Beria! What more can one expect in this miserable life?"

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  1. Speaking of the unspeakable, this is an interesting article on a document that "casts a very humiliating picture of the role of Slovenia, as well as other New European Balkan states, in the new colonial system.":

    Of course he has to say he fantasizes he's working for Beria, since his audience finds that kind of thing cute, but we all know who the protagonists of these games usually are.