Tuesday, February 19, 2008


It's really unbelievable. The second video especially, which has more of the trial itself. Almost an hour each but I urge everyone to find the time. Beyond belief.


  1. Thanks so much for posting this. That was absolutely searing. I hadn't heard about this but it's of the most important documentaries I've seen in a long time. I've already forwarded it on.

  2. parody center10:29 AM

    The documentary was made by the Dutch channel VPRO, who also produced COLIN the gay guinea pig. It was broadcast here on the telly but nobody really noticed.

  3. Devastating. No wonder Milosevic had to die before a verdict was reached.

    It will sadden you to hear that the presiding judge Mr May is dead. This is from the Guardian's obit:

    "Sir Richard was fastidious in seeking to ensure that Milosevic obtained a fair trial, firm in dealing with the antics and theatrics of the defendant, and scrupulously fair-minded in presiding over the case of the first European head of state to be tried for genocide.
    The sole criticism made of Sir Richard by proponents of international justice was that he was over-generous towards Milosevic, erring on the side of fairness and allowing the former Serbian leader to waste too much of the court's precious time."

  4. Kretinoma, did you really expect Hitler's willing executioners to ANALYZE THEMSELVES??? Nothing - no Communism, no Marxism - will stop their imperial march - Communism is only helping them on the way - they will as always explode into their faces when they realize YOU CAN'T JUST FUCK WITH RUSSIA JUST LIKE THAT. As the Gypsy woman in Inland Empire said, ACTIONS DO HAVE CONSEQUENCES, and tinkering with world balance like this can only work as a boomerang. There are already reports on Pakistan considering independence.