Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vulgar Materialism

a) Who appointed this 'envoy'?

b) How democratically?

c) What is his salary?

d) How much is this 'envoy' going to 'earn'?

e) No, really: How much money is this 'envoy' going to get for even more unspeakable lying, but this time without any pretence whatsoever that he has any kind of public mandate for his lying?

f) Who appointed him?

g) Who's paying?

h) Why?

i) How many multiples of an average Palestinian wage will this 'envoy' rake in every year?

j) From whose pockets?

k) Why?

P.S. One final thought: Exactly how many dollars per year will the 'envoy' be pocketing? (In addition to his pension, his investments, his savings, and his speaking fees.)


  1. a)The sinister 'quartet'
    b) a clear majority 3-0 with one abstention
    US & UN -for
    EU - not asked but going along
    Russia - ambivalent
    (according to this and this)
    c) that's 'commercially sensitive' information
    f)see a)
    g)the entire palestinian population
    h)because they'd spend the money on rockets or food or clean water otherwise
    h)His appointment sends a clear message
    i)at least one,maybe more
    j) see g)
    k)He's the only one stupid enough to do as he's told

    here to help

  2. and from the carlyle group

  3. Surely Bernard Manning would be a better candidate for the job? I mean, at least he's dead.

  4. Surely Bernard Manning would be a better candidate for the job?

    Unlike our envoy, he would hardly be impartial
    According to great man himself:

    "I had a distant German relative who died at Auschwitz. He fell out of one of the watchtowers."

    boom! tish!

  5. update on h)

    The former prime minister needed to something to allow him to step down as an ordinary member of parliament.

    He didn't want to mix with the labour party on the backbenches, he didn't want to listen to his constituents bitching at local surgeries and, most of all, he didn't want to have to declare his outside earnings as all mp's must do.

    So don't think of it as international diplomacy, think of it as financial planning.

  6. Paul, that is so accurate as to be positively cynical. (Or maybe I should say 'vulgar' [again]).

  7. Translation:

    "The one thing I have come to despise more than anything else in my 10 years is people who doubt my holiness."

  8. Honi soit qui mal y pense

  9. If it's latin tags we're at, he should have 'Caveat emptor' tattooed on his forehead.

  10. Public Service Announcement: Honi soit etc. is of course not Latin, but, er... Greek or something.

  11. "shame on those who think ill of it" the motto of the order of the garter

  12. Oh, je sais, je sais. C'etait seulement une petite plaisanterie, vieux haricot.

  13. no problemo