Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mutual Blackmail: Paul "The Don" Wolfowitz vs. the World Bank Gang

From today's Guardian:
So don't place any bets on the World Bank "fucking" Paul "The Don" Wolfowitz any time in the next coupla weeks. If he manages to hang on till June 1st, it's being whispered he has a cool 400 grand bonus coming his way. Not to mention the payoff.

How will the WB Gang deal with this, er... sensitive situation? Maybe The Don'll resign on June 2nd. Or maybe Al Qaeda'll drop a coupla bombs next week and then all the dopes will conveniently fuhgeddaboudit. Precedents? Precedents we can give you:
'September 10, 2001: Rumsfeld Announces Defense Department Cannot Track $2.3 Trillion in Transactions'

Or maybe this bunch are really ruining the business climate and heads are finally gonna have to roll.

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  1. Thing is, this mob went 'legitimate' a long time ago - their turf is now global and their enforcers wear camo.