Friday, February 16, 2007

Slavoj Zizek: How To Make Friends With Fat White Women From Dixie

Not like this!.


The tolerant, liberal politeness angle, ("I want to take you seeeeeriously"), is crap. Pretending to be interested in the white trash culture, "oooh, grits are so gooood, I just love country music and the klan". And I really hate this term "Reubensian" or "Reubensian Caucasian-American". I prefer "Fat White Cracker" and so do they.

So whenever I meet fat white women from dixie in this kind of situation, I immediately try to break these elitist barriers. And what’s my measure that we truly broke the barrier? Ok, at one level it’s political correctness, but it’s absolutely clear that if you play this game, only politically correct terms and ooooh, this fake interest, “ooooh, how interesting, your culture, broken refigerators sinking into the lawn, what a wealth," and blah, blah, blah, it will backfire. Fat White Women From Dixie confess to me that they secretly despise this kind of thin white cosmopolitan European liberalism. What’s the trick? Humor. It’s a kind of dialectical double reversal. And this is when they really admit you. That somehow you can return to the worst starting point, sexist, class supremacist jokes and so on, but they function no longer as sexist or elitist, but as a kind of obscene solidarity. To give you an extremely vulgar example, I met a fat, really stupid white redneckess from Alabama, and when we became friends, I went into it like, [assuming a naïve, awe-filled whisper] “Is it true that you are, you know, you get so fat so your father will fuck your daughter instead of you?” We became terribly close friends!

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Disgusting. How can anyone defend this?

NB: This is a Guest Post by The Big Black Qlipoth who has [not] been terribly close friends with Slavoj Zizek since the Viennese stableboy "candleholder" had the dialectical agility to make an anxious aryan flyswatting cock joke at the "Blogging About Blogging In The Age of Symbolic and Intellectual Deficiency" conference at Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, in 1998. For his tastelessness, Big Black Qlipoth has been banned. - Inscrutable Chinaman Qlipoth


  1. Wow, is that true, do you think? That's how they became really good friends?

  2. I want to hear from that fat, "really stupid" white woman from Alabama before I believe she really thought that was a charming icebreaker.

  3. john steppling12:25 AM

    god, please, enough Zizek. The pure self love is in and of itself sufficient to make one question anything this clown has to say.

    The emp's new clothes...

  4. Anonymous11:08 PM

    The excerpt is edited from a different interview with him. Instead of talking about fat ladies, he's talking about black people (with a few words replaced / omitted obviously).