Saturday, February 17, 2007

Jodi Dean: "ICite, IBan, IDelete, IGoInTheHuff"

The University as Kindergarten, Part 27.

In response to this pernicious rubbish, cited and reprinted in full without comment at ICite, I posted this:

"Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Suffering Cockburn: 9/11 and the Left's Collective Unconsciousness

Two weeks ago, Alexander Cockburn collapsed into a pile of rubble. Today, that pile is still steaming: ..."

That was my response, in full and verbatim: the title, the first two lines, and the link. Within minutes, it was deleted, and the following robustly efficient symbols appeared in Ms. Dean's comments box when I tried to ask why:

"You are not allowed to post comments."

Well, that's me told. It's her party and she'll cry if she wants to.

At any rate, President Cheney will be reassured to know that America's graduate students are in very safe hands.

More on this later.


  1. you should have made an incest, monstrer trucks and grits joke first. to break the ice. instead of pretending you don't notice her, er, difference. That's when they'll (the white women from dixie) really admit you.

  2. no, actually brilliant philosopher as Z is, he may be wrong about advising doling out the same treatment to "the big white gal" as "the big black guy " likes so much. Because you know, these crackers will lynch you if you sass them.

  3. Right, becuse you are sooooo above banning and deleting people.

  4. I think that post below ought be deleted and Zizek and all who mention and imitate his egregious, malicious, pointless offensiveness banned.

  5. Anthony, your banning has not been lifted; as you are aware the rules remain that you may continue to comment so long as you don't say anything either interesting or intelligent.

  6. I love that the implication is that you were banned by Jodi for being intelligent and interesting.

  7. warszawa11:06 AM

    Anthony, to whom are your symbols attempting so inefficiently to refer?