Monday, November 13, 2006

Good Questions

Readers of The Independent interview Jack Straw:

You congratulated and hugged Colin Powell, who addressed the UN Security Council in perhaps the most shameful and cynical attempt to argue the case for war against Iraq. Don't you feel ashamed? George Whitfield, by e-mail

On 7 December 2002, as required by Resolution 1441, Iraq provided the UN Security Council with a 12,000-page declaration of its past WMD and missile programmes. You condemned it as "12,000 pages of lies". Is that still your opinion? Pat Oddy, Yarm

How can you sleep at night, given all the death and bloodshed in Iraq? Steven Almond, Cambridge

You unleashed mayhem in Iraq. You unleashed racism in Britain. You even turned in your own son to the police. Why on earth do you think you are fit to be deputy leader of the Labour Party? Margaret McDonald, Edinburgh

Tell me one good thing you have ever done in politics. Rob Hanson, Brighton

(The answers aren't very interesting.)

1 comment:

  1. abbass8:52 AM

    Why isn't this certified 'war criminal' Straw's head on a stake already?
    What kind of society is this anyway that lets liars dupe them into making the lives of people living in distant places miserable?