Friday, October 13, 2006

9/11: Press for Truth

Google video, instant download, colour, 84 minutes. Directed by Ray Nowosielski and featuring interviews with Paul Thompson and the Jersey Widows.

If there is a worse actor, a more blatantly obvious liar or a more clearly frightened man than George W. Bush, I have yet to see him. This admirably-focused film would be worth watching just for its compilation of the few moments when the Resident has actually been confronted with the issue in front of a camera.
In Year Six of the War on Terror, with habeas corpus now abolished in the US and Iraq transformed into an abattoir the size of France, Nowosielski's film is a true must-see -- especially while the 'antiwar' left represented by Alexander Cockburn, David Corn and Lenin's Tomb continues either hysterically missing the point or studiously ignoring the unignorable.

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  1. Good article on the 'real' terrorist that people will no doubt refer to as proof of the phantom menace.