Monday, June 19, 2006

Twilight of the Tenor

"Long-Haired Hare" (1949)

Bugs Bunny takes his revenge after an arrogant opera singer smashes his banjo.

Pour Le Colonel Chabert.


  1. Ah. [*blushes*] I was wondering why his voice was so deep...

    [Shambles off stage left, trying to think up another alliterative headline.]

  2. i didn't mean to spoil the sport!

  3. You didn't! Whether he's a tenor a a baritone, I love the way he turns purple and then yellow before losing his collar, his false shirtfront and his trousers while holding the high note at the end.

    I was about eleven years old last time I saw this. I have fond memories of it because my best pal's cocker spaniel went apeshit when we wept with laughter during the aforementioned sustained high note.

  4. i love Bugs' maestro coiffure. and the reverence 'oh...leopold! leopold!'

  5. Anonymous7:52 PM

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